Perth Airport Hotels

Perth airport hotels and sights have continuously placed the city on the world map. They are renowned across the globe as some of the best in their categories. These serve to further position the city as a top destination.

We will look at what makes Perth airport hotels and sights different from their competitors and get an understanding of each one of them:


perth airport2Perth airport as we know it today was first started in the year 1942. It used to be a golf course. When the Second World War began, it was converted into a military base. During the war, the military built runways on the golf course to aid them in their operations. Also, during the period of that war, the government allowed two commercial flights to operate on these runways since the other airports had become congested. In the early years of 1950, the name of the golf course was officially changed to take its current name. That is how it acquired the name Perth Airport. An international terminal was built on the airport in the early 80s.

• The airport location
Perth airport is one of the largest airports globally. It receives an unprecedented number of visitors on an annual basis. It has also bagged numerous awards from renowned world airport authorities. The airport is located in Western Australia and it is about eight miles from Perth. Airport hotels and sights are also found close to this airport. The airport plays a big role as the gateway to the rest of Australia. As a result, it occupies a huge piece of land that allows it to be expanded so as to meet the needs of the ever changing aviation industry.
• Perth airport and tourism promotion
The airport plays a critical role in the promotion of tourism across Western Australia. For this reason, it is working closely with the relevant authorities to promote Western Australia as a favorable tourism destination.
Some of the facilities within the airport include 24 hour firefighting equipment that is ever ready in the event of a fire breakout. The airport also has air traffic control facilities to cater for both incoming and exiting flights.
It has a total of four terminals that are located on different parts of the runway. Some of the airlines that operate on the airport are Virgin airlines, Tiger Air, Alliance Airlines, Qantas link and Jet star.


Perth airport hotels and sights are globally renowned. They are available to cater for all types of visitors.

These may range from the business traveler to the budget tourist who would like to cut down on spending. The hotels in Perth city and especially the ones close to Perth airport have been rated well by world bodies. Most of them are famed for offering unrivaled services. There are hundreds of hotels within the city. The good thing is that the hotels are only a few minutes’ drive from the airport. This makes it ideal for visitors to access the hotels with relative ease without fear of getting late for their flights or meetings. Most of  Perth airport hotels and sights are located in areas where it would be easy to access the main highways. Check ins for most of the hotels start from the afternoon till midnight. You can easily get in touch with the customer care of your respective hotel so as to make your bookings.

  • The facilities in hotels, pricing and checking in

Being internationally accredited hotels, you can be sure that amenities at Perth airport hotels are state of the art  and similar to those of the world’s top hotels. Some of the activities and facilities that are offered in the hotels include a business center where you can conduct your meetings and barbecue facilities that allow you to enjoy during that special ceremony. Other services include laundry services and access to broad band. The rooms of the hotels range in size from single,  to deluxe and even presidential. This shows that they cater for different budgets. Each of the hotels has varying prices. This may range from hundred dollars to thousands depending on the hotel and the room you would want. Each of the hotels has different guidelines on checking in and checking out. It would be good to make a confirmation with the receptionist when you make your booking.


While in this city, it would be worth your time to enjoy Perth airport nearby sights and experiences. Perth is rated as one of the most visited tourist destinations across the world. One of the areas that would be really worth your visit is the Kings Park Botanic Gardens. Located about a mile from the Central Business district, the garden covers a total of four hundred acres of land. The garden offers exciting activities that would delight people of all ages. These include cafes, playgrounds and nature walks. The garden boasts of rich fauna and flora. It has over 80 species of birds and over 300 plant species. During the month of September, there is a month long festival known as the Kings Park festivals. For visitors who would like to soak in sun and sand, then the most delightful place you can visit is the Cottesloe Beach. The beach has received numerous awards as one of the best urban beaches across the whole world. Even with the busy life of Perth, the beach continues to retain its natural and scenic beauty. There are also lots of restaurants and hotels across the beach that will cater for your culinary delights. Shops also abound in the area. These present you with a perfect opportunity to purchase your souvenirs during your trip. Experiencing Perth airport nearby sights, sounds and senses show that you will always have an exciting time while in the city.


When you are in Perth, you can always get to enjoy the best that the city has to offer. Perth airport hotels and sights are professionally managed and uphold the highest standards at all times. From the moment you alight, you can be certain that your experience within the city would be one to remember.